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Who we are:

Angel Light Pyrotechnics is a licensed Colorado fireworks display and special effects pyro company.  Our firework shows have been rated with the best 4th of July shows in the Nation by USA Today and TRI- 102.5 FM. ALP is a local family owned & operated business operating with integrity. We started with a true passion for the fireworks industry – that has now carried over into our daily business.  Extra time is taken to choreograph each show and implement unique effects never before seen. We are devoted to perform the most spectacular firework displays in Colorado. We accomplish this by applying today’s modern, cutting edge technology to the ancient art of fireworks, creating instant memories that last a life time.

Larry Darrington, Jr. and his wife Ginger show up to work with a smile as they have entertained millions of spectators while operating Angel Light Pyrotechnics, L.L.C., the largest fireworks display company in Northern Colorado and one of the best and biggest fireworks companies in Colorado. Larry has been involved in the industry since 1995. Larry and his dad (Larry, Sr.) started Angel Light Pyrotechnics in 1998 and Ginger married into the business that same year. Larry and Ginger have extensive experience in large scale outdoor firework shows, indoor theatrical special effects, and explosive movie special effects. They pride themselves in combining creativity and professionalism to “spark up” the events they perform.

Larry and Ginger are true Pyro Composers and have a gift of making music visible. A true Pyromusical is more than musical accompaniment, it uses the music as the foundation of the design of the fireworks display. Don’t be fooled by “free” pyromusicals which should take hours of design.

Larry and Ginger promote safe procedures, and equipment. Partnerships with fire authorities are imperative. Fireworks and pyrotechnic displays cannot happen safely without a strong relationship between Pyrotechnicians and Fire Authorities.

Angel Light Pyrotechnics also provide a free service and consultation for schools, fire authorities and law enforcement. This service includes the removal, transportation and to re-purpose all types of fireworks, 1.3G and 1.4G explosives.


Angel Light Pyrotechnics has come to symbolize flawless safety, reliability and exact performance through training, experience, quality and attention to detail.

We are experts in designing, scripting and firing classic firework displays, including indoor and outdoor special effects for concerts,TV, music videos and film. If it explodes or burns we can handle it. Our services have been requested internationally and from coast to coast.


Our specialties include computer and manually designed shows, wireless computer fired displays and explosive movie special effects, with or without choreography to live or recorded performances.

We use the most advanced wireless firing system in our industry to choreograph every second of the the show making every show, one of a kind. We helped develop features of this firing system. One of which is a tempo adjustment to stay synchronized with live music or video to 1/1000th of a second.

We also manufacture custom fireworks and effects at our local facility.

We only use safety tested equipment that exceed National Fire Protection Association codes and standards.

Through precise research, development and slow motion videography, we design, test and inspect our equipment to specific tolerances. We then apply this to a controlled environment creating your desired effect.

Angel Light Pyrotechnics is licensed for business by the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives and the State of Colorado for fireworks displays, special effects and explosive manufacturing. Only the funnest job in the world requires “government supervision”!

A very small fraction of special events incorporate fireworks into their event. If you want to be showcased and unique – add fireworks. They are more affordable than you think. We promise big bang for the buck, larger crowds and more attention when you’ve hired us to perform at your event.

Please take some time to look through these pages and see what we have to offer you. If you have any questions at all about our services do not hesitate to call us.

JIM RYDBOM/jrydbom@greeleytribune.com Owners of Angel Light Pyrotechnics Larry and Ginger Darrington stand in front of huge fireball that they ingnited around 25 feet behind them while demostrating some of the pyrotechnics they offer at their business jst outside of Pierce. The Darrington's offer fireworks shows and special effects for concerts, weddings, movies and sporting events.

JIM RYDBOM/jrydbom@greeleytribune.com
Owners of Angel Light Pyrotechnics Larry and Ginger Darrington stand in front of huge fireball that they ignited around 25 feet behind them while demonstrating some of the pyrotechnics. The Darrington’s offer fireworks shows and special effects for concerts, weddings, movies and special events.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.”  (John 1:5 NLT)