Outdoor Firework Shows

Angel Light Pyrotechnics Outdoor fireworks displays are limited only by your imagination! Our small sparkling ground pieces, streaking rockets, multiple shot barrages, large aerial display shells and thunderous explosions will shed the light on your special occasion.

From the first Announcement Bomb to the Grand Finale, your event will be the center of attention!

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Indoor Pyrotechnic Shows

Angel Light Pyrotechnics has a variety of precisely timed firing sequences, burn times and heights involved with special effects.

INDOOR effects are designed to be safe in every situation and all include low smoke compositions. It’s been said our indoor effects “…have less smoke than an old bowling alley.”

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TV, Film and Live Explosive Special Effects

As with all pyrotechnics, Special Effects require special expertise.

Safety is critical, shock and awe is a must.

We have the required equipment and skills for safe, yet intense, special effects for film, TV, and live performances including music videos.

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